Unknown author – Truth &lie

The lie told the truth:
′′ Let’s take a bath together,
the water from the well is very beautiful. »
The truth, still suspicious, tried the water.
And found out she was very beautiful.
So they undressed and took a bath.
But all of a sudden
the lie came out of the water and ran away,
wearing the clothes of Truth
The truth, furious,
came out of the well to retrieve the clothes.
But the world, seeing the naked truth,
He looked away, angry and contempt.
The poor truth has returned to the well
and gone forever,
hiding his shame
Since then, lies spin around the world.
dressed like the truth,
satisfying the needs of society.
Because the world doesn’t feed any desire
of knowing the naked truth.
(Painting: The truth coming out of the well, by João Leon Geroma, 1896.)






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